The Saturday Knights + free album download
From: Denzel, WA

Sounds like: um. Everything in your favorite used record shop thrown in a blender and ground with hip hop.

Okay, by now there's a pretty established history of rock music incorporating hip-hop (Beck's Odelay), or hip-hop incorporating rock (anything by the Roots), and a spectrum of genre-bending in between (A3's Exile on Coldharbour Lane, U.N.K.L.E's Never, Never Land, the Handsome Boy Modeling School, and so on), but damn if these guys haven't gone and made something that sounds completely new anyway. From the brilliant party bounce of "45" to the laid-back groove of "Patches," and the pop-metal crunch of "I Go," the album runs the gamut of styles with ease. As Three Imaginary Girls point out, there is no definitive TSK sound. Surf-rap? Trailer-hop? Ghetto polka? All of the above? Actually, I kind of like 'Ghetto polka.' But much more correct to say instead that the Saturday Knights have vibe, and that vibe is "party."

The new album Mingle may be completely unclassifiable but is absolutely worth the time...and if I'd paid for it, it would be worth the money, too. But, in a bit of post-Radiohead magic, the entire album is available to download for free courtesy of their label, Light in the Attic. So, give a listen on MySpace, check out the video, and then go get it for yourself and let me know where the heck to file them.

Favorite song: 45

Other opinions:
Three Imaginary Girls give it 8.6/10
Parasites & Sycophants call it "a seamless integration of things so many others have managed to grossly mishandle"
The Seattle Weekly call the songs on Mingle "righteously hip-shakin' party jams"