Florence and the Machine

From: United Kingdom

Florence Welch - everything

Sounds like: Remember the completely mindbending, raw energy in PJ Harvey's early demos? Do you remember thinking, "how does one little body contain that immense voice and that depth of anger and pain, and how can recording it possibly even begin to capture it?" And then listening to it over and over and over again? Yah. You'll listen to Flo and you'll think the same thing. It's not an unfair comparison, as long as you also bundle it with all the other fair comparisons you'll read as well - like Joni Mitchell, Janis Joplin, Carole King, Cat Power. Beth Ditto. Nina-freakin'-Simone. It's all there. With the occasional tape loop or electro beat.

Florence and the Machine were a huge hit at SXSW recently (rated NME's #1 gig), and you can bet that her 'unsigned' status won't last long. 2007 was the year for brit girls Amy Winehouse and Lily Allen and Kate Nash...and with a rack of upcoming festival appearances this summer - including Glastonbury - don't be surprised if 2008 is the year for Florence and the Machine.

Favorite song: Kiss with a Fist


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