Factory Floor


From: London, UK

G. Gurnsey

M. Harris

D. Butler

Sounds like: it's 1979 and it's still neu

To read the bio on their MySpace page, Factory Floor has gone through a number of lineup adjustments in their time, so there's bound to be a variety of different sounds in their music. There is...sometimes they sound like Joy Division, sometimes they sound like the Fall, sometimes they sound like Wire.

I am teasing, just a little bit.

The core duo of Factory Floor, G. Gurnsey and M. Harris, clearly share a musical heart with Holger Czukay and Mark E. Smith, and lineup changes or no, there's no escaping those influence pumping through their veins. With the addition of D. Butlery, they've solidified as a trio, so we add, perhaps, a bit of John Cale, and run with it.

In songs like "Francis Francis" and "BiPolar," sparse beats create tensions which minimalist guitar and bass structures strain and break into explosions of anti-pop energy. In some sort of contrast, the instrumental "And Stood Listening to Anxiety" is a lush, cinematic soundbite; a snippet of a CAN diversion that simply must have a super-8 film attached to it somewhere. The dynamics will be familiar if you were up on Factory Records "back in the day," but there's a reason so many of those bands are still influential today. Factory Floor goes far beyond paying tribute to the infamous label's post-punk sound but instead creates it entirely anew, with great results.

Favorite song: Francis Francis