No Picasso

From: London, UK

Ronnie Joice - Vocals
Dan Fatel - Guitar
Jo Xorto - Bass
Ben Hutchinson - Drums

Sounds like: good old fashioned swagger rock.

Y'know, sometimes you can just tell where a band is from, and if ever a band sounded like a London band, it would be No Picasso.

With a driving rhythm section and sparse guitars unencumbered by heavy effects, No Picasso hearken back to the 60s London scene, with an absolutely infectious abundance of young, raw energy and talent. If the Strokes claimed the legacy of the Ramones and the New York Dolls, No Picasso are claiming the early days of the Stooges or the Kinks, and it's fabulous.

The lyrics have a loose, stream-of-consciousness attitude, but never get sloppy, and are bursting with raucous, punk bombast and confidence. Ronnie Joyce's cavalier vocals contrast with shout-along harmonies to create a dynamic that almost demands you join in.

The sound is a bit rough around the edges (they are currently unsigned, and all the MySpace tracks are listed as demos), but that's a huge part of what makes it work. At the same time, it strikes me as sound that would come off as manufactured and artificial coming from anywhere but London. Exciting stuff.

Favorite song: Paprr Bag