Au Revoir Simone
From: Brooklyn, NY

Heather D’Angelo
Erika Forster
Annie Hart
Three keyboards and an old drum machine

Sounds like: Watching dandelion puffs scatter in the breeze on a warm sunny day.

Pretty melodies with layers of synthesizer that go from the sweet and light to the melancholy and emotional, without becoming either cloying or too dark...which, yes, is maybe similar to what I said about Aya Peard, but leaning decidedly away from the dancefloor. A more upbeat song like "Night Majestic" will owe more to the Postal Service than to Portishead, while the vocal harmonies recall the happy chirpiness of the Ditty Bops or the Aquarian bliss of the Polyphonic Spree. Parallels with similarly synth-oriented dreamy pop band Air will be inevitable, particularly with the slightly heavier production of songs like "Lark," but Au Revoir Simone never let the technology take over, and their songs keep a genuine warmth and humanity that Air will frequently lose altogether.

Favorite song: Dark Halls

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