Raif Pomeroy

From: Venice, CA (and the world)

Sounds like: Eclectic acoustic busker funk.

I originally heard Raif's band Ballyrag in 2003, and what I said then (in West Coast Performer magazine) was, "Where the Ocean Meets the 10 is an eclectic sampling of [Ballyrag's] extremely well-crafted fusion pop, drawing from a wide range of jazz, funk, and rock influences in catchy and original ways. The musicianship is impeccable; the arrangements are interesting and tight, and the sound is remarkably mature and varied."

I stand by that. I've had the album on the iPod for years now, and every time a track comes around on the shuffle I'm reminded of just what a - for lack of a more appropriate word - nice album it is.

I was saddened to discover recently that Raif passed away in July 2007 while diving in the Bahamas. He was doing what he loved, but it's still quite a loss. Check out the tunes, download some, and learn why I feel fortunate to have come across him.

Favorite song: Johnny Adkins