Akiko a.k.a. Exccedingly Good Keex on Drums/Vocals,
Simon a.k.a. Von Klinkerhoffen on Guitar

Sounds like: J-pop in a car crash

Every time I go to Dalston, I see police cars going really fast.

Dalston is a North London neighborhood with some decidedly rough edges, but with a whole lot of character as well. There is a genuine 'local' vibe I get there which I find missing from so many of the other towns in the fabric of 'Greater London.' Seedy characters on the street, great locally-owned eateries, a fantastic street market, and a couple almost randomly-placed clubs and theatres combine to make it one of the more interesting undiscovered parts of town.

Springing out of this eclectic and slightly shabby environment Comaenchi, a high-powered, crunchy, lo-fi band serving up equal parts riot-grrl punk, club night electro, and sludgy thrash metal. Akiko's vocals are a girly half-scream on par with Le Tigre's Kathleen Hanna, with an occasional smoky undertone akin to that of Karen O. The resulting volcanic sound is as intriguing and edgy as the neighborhood from which it erupts. It makes me want to drive really fast, too.

If only I had a car.

Favorite song: Gentlemen Drivers

Video: Death of You