Lykke Li
From: Stockholm, Sweden

Sounds like: a breath of fresh air.

You do sort of have to wonder if Scandinavia will ever run out of pretty songstresses with inordinately catchy pop sensibilities. I sort of hope not.

Judging by this summer's festival circuit, Lykke Li isn't long for the little leagues. Her mix of vocal pop and quirky arrangements make for unconventional little songs that simply won't leave your mental jukebox.

While there's fun bits of electro dance beats, it's not the standard euro-club dancefloor fodder at all. Where fellow Swede Robyn goes for bass-heavy, slightly mindless dance pop, Lykke Li opts instead for more complex beats and lyrics with a heartfelt edge suggesting that they actually mean something. Plus, she plays real instruments. Little Bit is the song you'll hear on the radio first, I'm sure, and the video (below) does capture all of the slightly awkward brilliance of both the song and the performer. Her songs have all of Lily Allen's girly charm, Bjork's musical variety, and the Blow's lo-fi, DIY feel, topped off with a voice that ranges from Joanna Newsom's elfin chirp to Sarah Cracknell's best chantenuse. Can I name drop more? I will - her debut album, due out in the UK on June 6, is produced by none other than Bjorn of Peter, Bjorn, and John. She's got friends in high places; just wait a bit and watch her rise.

Favorite song: Everybody But Me

Video: Little Bit

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