Midnight Juggernauts


Melbourne, Australia

Vincent Vendetta - keys/vocals
Andy Juggernaut - guitar/vocals
Daniel Stricker - drums

Sounds like: stadium-sized space-y krautrock disco.

Midnight Juggernauts are definitely building a buzz right now with the May release of their debut album Dystopia. Everything from Brian Eno to Pink Floyd and Daft Punk to the Scissor Sisters shows up here in an expansive, French disco new-wave journey into the heart of the sun. Except they aren't French at all, but a trio of interstellar travellers from down under, now making waves across the globe.

In an interview with the Guardian's Paul Lester, the band is quoted as saying the name Midnight Juggernaut "sounded like an unstoppable force in the middle of the night, and we thought that suited our music." It's an apt description. Songs like "Into the Galaxy" and "Nine Lives" throb with big, festival-friendly beats yet float along with space-age synths and retro-futuristic vocals, while songs like "Aurora" play to the darker, quieter, post-peak part of your trip. It's all very ELO, actually, and that's a fine, fine thing to me.

I could easily cross-reference a half-dozen incredible albums (Eno's Here Come the Warm Jets, Ween's The Mollusc come to mind), but instead of feeling derivative, Dystopia simply feels as good. It has quickly become a favorite new discovery of mine and is one which seems destined to be on endless rotation this summer.

Favorite song: Road to Recovery